Pino Donghi
About Us
Et caetera is a consulting company, since 2009, dealing with the creation and design of cultural events, food knowledge and tasting, promotion of the italian artisan abroad, and finally keeps you up to date about movie scene events occurring in Rome, Italy.

Among its founders and CEO, Pino Donghi, has been for more than 20 years General Secretary of the Sigma-Tau Foundation ( . He has directed all the 23 editions of Spoletoscienza, from 1989 till 2011, he was the editor of the Lezioni Italiane Laterza, colleague of Luca Ronconi for the scenery of Infinities by John D. Barrow at Piccolo Teatro in Milan, and of Bi(bli)oetica for the Turin Teatro Stabile.

On behalf of Et caetera, Pino Donghi takes care as Editor of the Festival dell’Economia di Trento and has contributed to the set up of the Festival del Diritto di Piacenza and of Polo Sud in Matera,Italy.

Et caetera has created and realized for the Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome the program Quadrivio (, four evenings between science and music, with the participation, amongs others of Piero Angela, Lodovico Einaudi, Danilo Rea, Giulio Giorello, and Pensare il futuro with famous economists such as Lucrezia Reichlin and Serge Latouche. ( )

Josephine, for everybody Jo, Wennerholm is the power behind MyHomeFood ThatsAmore ( one of the top 20 recommended blogs dealing with italian food, among the best in English. Italian-Swedish born, but of English mother language, Jo proposes courses of Italian cooking for foreigners and italians alike, with a particular cure to the art of family hosting, good food and good wine combination, and the art of well staying together. She has participated to many TV shows, such as Cortesie per gli ospiti (, cooperates with (Garret Johns) and recently has written the book “Invisible Fat: the Aesthetics of Food and the Body” , in Karin Eli and Stanley Ulijaszek, “Obesity, Eating Disorders and the Media”, London, Ashgate edited (to be published in 2013).

Jo Wennerholm is also European Director of Giardini di Sole ( which, again on behalf of Et caetera , promotes in North America and soon in the UK, the tradition of the great Italian ceramics.

Camilla Donghi, MA in History of Film and Visual Media, collaborator of the Festival Internazionale del Film di Roma since 2011, is one of the authors of RomeSpotting, a brand new web-site focusing around events in the Roman Movie Scene.
… et caetera, et caetera, et caetera!